Monday, January 9, 2017

Downline After Christmas Party - Part 2

After we ate lunch we were ready to start in so the first thing we did was play Dirty Santa.  This is a game where you draw numbers and then by numerical order pick a gift to unwrap or you can steal a gift that someone else has already picked and unwrapped.  Number 1 gets to go again at the end, so they can steal from anyone.  We had a lot of fun.  Here's pictures of who ended up with what.
Leila ended up with the frame that Robin altered.
Glenda ended up with the Clothesline frame that I altered.
Robin ended up with the vase and jar that Teresa altered.
Brenda with the canvas that Lori altered.
Lori with the gift that Leila brought.
Teresa with the candle that Leona altered.
Leona with the cup that Glenda altered.
Me with the bracelet (on my wrist) and the little bag she made to put it in.  It was tons of fun with the gals.  Stay tuned for part three tomorrow.  Swaps!
Have a great day!

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