Sunday, November 22, 2009

Candy Cane Thank You's

This is another idea I got from Becky Roberts. She had fixed small candy canes to give out to the people who stopped by her craft fair booth, and I thought what a great idea!Here's just some singles for thank you for stopping by.
Here's some I packaged to sell in fours and...

... in 8's. Sometimes you just need a little something for a lot of people. By the way this is post number 22 on day 22!!!


Shellie G. said...

Hi Twila! I'm finally able to spend some time looking at some blogs. I have to say I love all your recent stuff! Christmas is my favorite holiday though so it goes to say I love just about anything that has to do with it. :-) I like that your candy treats are simple but make a statement.

shannon said...

Totally awesome ideas. I'm so fornate to have such a creative friend. Shannon