Friday, February 26, 2010

Some cards...

Ok, so here are so pictures of some cards that I told Joan I'd post, see I didn't forget! lol This is a little 3 x 3 that I made using a scrapin' kit leftovers.
This is a baby card I made at Shannon's Stamp-a-Stack
Another card from Shannon's Stamp-a-Stack
...another card from Shannon's Stamp-a-Stack
and this last one is a card that Darla made and gave to me. I have so much trouble with the way my camera shoots red. It doesn't like it I guess. Sorry for the bad picture, and by the way Joan I'm sending you the flyer. (: Hey everyone, I've got something to show you in a couple of days so stay tuned, I know you're on the edge of your seats! Right? Have a good day!

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Joan Brenizer said...

Thanks Twila...I appreciate you posting those cute cards for me. I love them. It was nice of you to take the time to post them. Thanks.