Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 2016 Craft Project Central Project #2

Today is the launch for the second project for Craft Project Central.  The project was created by Regina Andari and features a set of card.  If you love the sneak peak picture and would love the step by step tutorial on how to make them then just go to Craft Project Central.   

“Basket of Wishes” Scraplings!

There are several interpretations of “scraplings”, and in this tutorial a scrapling is a card (or tag or any other creation) that gets its start from a scrap of cardstock or paper . . . or both!  Although the cards in this tutorial get their start from full sizes of cardstock and are presented with exact measurements, the intention is that you will feel inspired to create cards and tags of all shapes and sizes from your stash of scraps.  When you need to create a quick card but the scraps all seem too small, think outside the box and use them to create a non-standard sized card.  The good news is that scraplings should fit any size (mailable) envelope that you have on hand, and the recipient will enjoy the odd size/shape of the card!  This tutorial includes instructions for making a pocket holder that has been custom-designed to perfectly hold the set of “scraplings”.  Another thing to love about this tutorial is that it features one set of designer paper and (mostly) one stamp set. 

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by!                                  

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