Thursday, November 6, 2008

Almost Done!

We are almost done in the fields! Beans are cut and just 40 or so acres of corn! If it hadn't rained us out we'ld been done. Oh well, it's pretty darn close. Tomorrow I'll post a 3 pc gift set that I am having the Ladies Fellowship at my church make this month. It includes a 4 x 8 spiral notebook, checkbook cover, and ink pen to match. It's very nice looking. A friend and customer of mine (Eunice) gave me the idea. She's making sets of all the four seasons for some of her friends for Christmas. Thank you Eunice for finding these notebooks for me! I've been trying to find that size of notebook ever since I got back from convention with a SCS swap I was in, I think it was the Workshop WOW swap. Vicky Kahlandt did a wonderful Birthday Calender and matching pen. It was so beautiful. I'll try and post it for you to see also. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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