Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Remember, Jesus is the true reason for the season!


Burninrubber said...

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas! Please accept my apologies for not visiting lately! Happy New Year!

Amy J

Lisa Page said...

Ditto on what Burninrubber said! Did I comment on that monochromatic card? If not, I really like it. Monochromatic cards have such a touch of classiness about them- don't ya think? I think yours does! Happy New Year!

Lisa Page said...

Now I can't find the monochromatic card. Well, in case it was on another blog- it is still beautiful! Good grief, I am such a ditz! LOL! O.K., Twila, in case you haven't done a monochromatic card- you should really do one. I bet with your talent the results would be fantastic!

jazzystamper said...

Hey Twila

Happy New Year!!! All the best for the coming year aswell!!!!!

Jaz xox