Monday, April 20, 2009

Sorry I've been gone...

Hi everyone, Sorry I've been gone but I've been pretty busy altering prom dresses for some girls. Actually 3 prom dresses and 1 bridesmaid dress. I've only got 1 prom dress to go! I worked on the worst one today and got it done. I love it when someone calls and says Oh it just needs a hem then you find out it's got 5 or 6 layers! Oh well, it's something I enjoy doing on the side and besides it gives me some junkin' money for this coming week-end! This is the week-end our ladies from church take our bus down to Nashville and spend the night and go to the flea market on Saturday! I found a great piece last year! the size of a coffe table maybe a bit bigger, it had 12 drawers that measure 12 x 14. It has 4 drawers down and 3 across. I'm thinking the guy cut it into 2 pieces because it looks like it and he told me last year he had another one at home that wan't finished yet. I'm hoping to find the rest of it this year! Can't wait to go! Hope all of you have a great week-end.

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