Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Greeting Card Kids...

I have really fallin' in love with this set my mom bought to do her Christmas cards with.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I came down with step throat last Tuesday and couldn't get in to see a doctor till Thursday. Thought I was gonna die before that! Can't believe how much meds in your system for 24 hours can make you feel so much better. So by Christmas Eve I was ready to go to my mom's for Christmas and Christmas Day was packed also. Of course Sunday I paid for it with a cold and slept about all day, but it was worth it to be with family. ( : I hope you all had a blessed Christmas. The next of Round of U-Stamp begins this week-end and I'm busy finishing up my project. Hope you can join us. It will be projects using a 12X 12 piece of cardstock, should be a lot of fun!

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Jeanne Nielsen said...

Love these cards! Since I still haven't finished my Christmas cards, I'm thinking this little sweetheard would just as adorable a winter card, don't you think?! TFS!